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Member since: October 29, 2008
Last visit: May 2, 2015
Name: Killer
Gender: Female
Location: Hell
Country: Switzerland
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07/14/13 @859
Hi Maria!
You forget about that very easily, yes! I looked through some pictures today of me with my hair so much shorter and then Iím thinking: Hmm.. Maybe go back there? But I also really love my long hair! Such difficult decisions.. Are you still happy with your new do, though?
I applied for school, but I havenít heard anything from them yet. Iím guessing I will after the summer vacation (or I hope at least!). I still have to take a test that will exam my Dutch and math skills, but Iím not too worried about this.
Haha, Iím also definitely not the type for that! I never really understand what people like about getting totally wasted and not sleeping for days.. I like my bed far too much for this. I understand you would rather go along with the people you already know now. I think I would prefer that myself as well. And think of it this way: another year of hard work and you will have some more freedom!
How is the economy in Russia? Will you have an opportunity to find a job once youíre done studying?
Iím also sorry my reply took so long! I havenít been on for a long time.. Last time I logged in here, my computer got attacked by multiple viruses (I think?), but that problem seems to be gone now! I do worry about whether or not this site will continue to exist, though..

Hope you are well! *hugs*
06/23/13 @491
Legend of the Seeker was a TV show that went for 2 seasons, then got canceled.. it was based on a book series (which I never read). It was really cheesy and didn't have the best acting, but I really liked it for some reason. I don't watch TV very much anymore. I used to watch mind-numbing shows like South Park and Reno 911 but I can't anymore because they took them all off the air xD yes I drive, but I am extremely absent minded, so I'm always afraid of crashing.. uh.. anyways... sorry for the super-super-super late reply... *cough* D;
05/28/13 @635
Hi Mash :) How are you?
05/06/13 @731
Ooh, a haircut! Exciting :) I think itís totally normal for you to miss your long hair, especially since youíve never had it cut before. I had it cut short in 2010 and it takes a while to get used to it, for sure! Now, it almost reaches my butt O_o I was quite surprised to find that out a couple of weeks ago. But Iím pretty sure you will love your hair, you just need a little while; totally normal!

Iím doing alright myself. Busy times, but I suppose thatís good. I subscribed (or whatever itís called) to school again, so will start in August, if everything goes alright. Iím working still, and still really loving it (which is really new to me! Iíve never liked something this long before, I think..). Overall, I think Iím a happier person now than, say, last year, which can only be good, right? Now, I just have the fear to lose it all again.. ^-^;

Oh, procrastinating.. Itís always so easy and so tempting, so I can totally understand. What year are you in now? How much longer do you have to go to uni? In here, some students just decided to take an extra year and take things slower to focus on Ďthings students doí, like party and lazying. Is that a possibility for you as well?
05/06/13 @712
Hell-o! :) I'm good. Just a little older today...

Oh yea I see, I knew it as "continuous".

Stop skipping or you'll have problems I fear.
05/01/13 @701
Hi Maria. How are you?

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